Service & Repairs

- Sewing Machine Repair and Quilting Machine Repair -
We have a Pfaff, Singer and Husqvarna Viking certified technician on site. We repair & fix all makes and models of home sewing, embroidery and sergers.

- When bringing in your machine for Servicing -
Please Bring:
  • Sewing Machine
  • Embroidery Unit (if needed)
  • Power Cord & Foot Control
  • Standard Pressure Foot
  • Buttonhole Foot (if needed)
  • Embroidery Foot (if needed)
  • Bobbin Case
  • Bobbin
  • General Sewing Stitch Plate (not straight stitch plate)
We don’t need any other accessories, if your embroidery machine is going to be updated please save all your personal designs on a CD, Thumb Drive, or Hard Drive (computer).

- Tips to keep your machine happy -
  • Sewing over pins is risky and could break your needle.  Not only can that needle then fly into your eye it can also now get stuck somewhere down in your machine or cause a bur on your hook.  If you have a broken needle make sure to find and remove all the broken pieces.
  • Change your needle about every 3-4 hours of sewing.  Don’t use dull or damaged needles as your machine and  your fabric won’t like it.
  • If your needle gets jammed in your fabric, disconnect the needle from the needle bar in order to remove the needle.  Don’t use the hand wheel to pry the needle out.  It may cause your machine to get out of timing or damage the hook of your machine.
  • Surge Protectors are a must for all sewing machines!
How to Choose An Embroidery Machine Inforgraphic

When it comes to having a hobby or career in sewing and embroidery, the decision to invest in an embroidery machine is very important as they can be incredibly expensive. You need to consider what you want to do with your machine before you make the final purchase. There are several other issues you need to consider before purchasing as well.

If your machine is for your home, you can look for a model that offers more customization options to give each completed work a unique, personal touch. If you are using it for your business, there are commercial models that offer additional features for mass production and have longer shelf lives for continuous use.

Different models have different additional features such as bobbin winding from the needle, automatic thread cutting, needle threading, and more. Research ahead of time to determine what exactly you do on a regular basis. Then you can find a model that will satisfy most of these needs. If you own a sewing machine that is compatible to upgrades, you can save money by adding the embroidery features you need when necessary.

Most embroidery machines have programs that allow you to choose from preselected patterns and designs. Others allow you to connect to your computer or upload your own designs into the machine with a USB drive, floppy disk, or SD card. If you like to create your own embroidery designs, investing in a digital design uploading feature is a smart investment. USBs are recommended because they are the easiest media to transfer and upload design data.

Because purchasing an embroidery machine is such a big investment, it is important to consider product branding. Certain brands specialize in manufacturing embroidery machines, features, and equipment. Consider researching customer reviews to determine which brands offer high quality machines that will perform proficiently and have long shelf lives. Reliable brands also offer long term warranties and provide the services necessary if your machine needs cleaning or repair.

Floyd & Lizzie's is a stitching and crafting product and service company that specializes in sewing and embroidery machines. They provide customers with the materials and equipment they need to complete their crafts and projects. A wide variety of machines are sold at numerous price ranges that allow amateurs to master the basics while experienced users can expand their creativity and techniques. Their experts strive to provide customers with the machine that best suits their needs and interests. Customers who already own a machine can have them serviced. Floyd & Lizzie's offer professionals for cleaning and repair, both of which are done in a timely manner and at an affordable cost. 

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